Large Stone Crab

Large Stone Crab

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SOLD PER POUND: Our Colossal Florida Stone Crab claws are absolutely huge! Caught daily in the Key’s, these claws are best as an entrée and perfect if you have a BIG appetite. With only 1-2 claws per pound, wow yourself and your guests with Florida’s most premium stone crab claws!

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Stone crab refers to a type of crab known for its delicious and tender meat, which is highly sought after in the culinary world. The name “stone crab” comes from the crab’s ability to regenerate its claws if they are damaged or broken, similar to how a lizard can regenerate its tail.

Additional information

Claw Size

5.1 – 7.0 oz



Claws per lb.


Service Size

1.5 lbs per person


Sold per Pound / 1 lb =$65


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